Not Meant To Be/I’ve Got It All Wrong

It didn’t matter to me if I’ve done a formal approach for a relationship. She didn’t want one for now, and I wanted to concentrate on my “O’s” first, I didn’t see much of a problem. We continued our online chats, and I chalked up my highest ever sms count in a single month, not that my parents weren’t surprised by the sudden increase. She started making stars for me every morning, something that really touched my heart.

Things may seem on course for a wonderful relationship, or so I thought. Then, one day, someone told me that he saw someone waiting for Khai Loon outside school. I was surprised. She didn’t say anything about having a boyfriend. Furthermore, didn’t she herself say she didn’t want to think about a BGR right now? Was that person at the school gate really her boyfriend?

That night, online, she confessed that she had a stead, Sky. Sky? I mean who would name their son Sky? I was distraught. Shell-shocked. What was all the talk about not wanting a BGR? Then out of nowhere, Sky? Was this some sort of trick? A test from heaven maybe?

I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. Prom was around the corner, and I asked her to be my partner for the night. She refused at first, but later agreed to consider. I waited for her reply, she said no, but I managed to persuade her to keep thinking. When she finally agreed, I bought two tickets straightaway; I didn’t want to lose her for that night, did I?

Despite having agreed to attend prom, we seldom talked online nor text each other anymore. She said it was inappropriate as she was already attached now, it was better we kept our distance apart. I was hoping for the best during prom. I held high hopes, but were soon dashed. A few weeks prior to prom, during the class chalet, she messaged me, saying that Sky didn’t allow her to attend prom, and that she will pay me back for the ticket. What a blow! I didn’t want the money back; I wanted her to be around at prom! I had never expected her to return any money; I was already resigned to the fate that my money was never to be recovered. How did this happen? Was Sky jealous that his girlfriend was going to prom with another guy? Am I going to be the loser again? It was just not meant to be eh? I’ve got my facts all wrong.


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