17th December 2007. Prom. It wasn’t a red carpet, black tie event. But nevertheless, we decided to book a cab to the event venue, Marina Mandarin Singapore. My uncle was a limo driver, so I asked him if he had any “lobang” (good deals) for us. There were six of us, which were impossible to fit in a limo, so he got us a chartered SUV for the job. I was quickly entrusted with the job of getting us booked for the day. Things started well enough, with my uncle negotiating the price to a reasonable eight dollars per pax, with a total of four pickup points.

Unfortunately, on the day itself, the vehicle was nowhere to be seen at the pickup time. It arrived a full twenty minutes late! By the time we reached the last pickup, some of my mates had waited for over thirty minutes past the designated pick up time! I of course got some stick from them!

We reached the venue way past the “please be seated” time. But in any formal events, proceedings only start around an hour after the designated arrival time, and we managed to arrive at Marina Mandarin with time to spare.

Khai Loon was there, along with Gek Theng, seated at the table next to ours. She was “granted” permission to attend prom because Grace asked. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at her during dinner, as much as Hiroki was stealing glances at Jasmine, the waitress who was serving us. At the same time, I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that if Sky hadn’t allowed Khai Loon to attend prom at first, but relented after Grace asked, isn’t that like saying you’re not allowed to go out with guys? Whatever Sky or Khai Loon was thinking, I never really enjoyed myself at prom, except when Jun Wen was voted Prom King at the expense of some “clever work” by Sham. Regardless, you do deserve that honor and title, bro.

Anyway, half way through dinner, I noticed Hui Shi murmuring to Khai Loon, as well as looking in my direction. Didn’t know what were they discussing, but I soon think I knew. Minutes after their discussion, they came towards me, and asked if I would like to have a photo taken. I said Ok, and passed my phone to Grace, who offered to take the photo. We posed, and I thought she was going to pass Grace her own phone later, or at least asked me to Bluetooth the photo over, but she didn’t. She just left after our photo was taken on my phone. Was this it? A hint? Was that photo meant to be a farewell gift? ……


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