Q & A

Firstly. What’s about the blank “one final chapter”?

I had decided to place a blank final chapter to show people that life doesn’t end here. I wanted to let people understand that no matter whatever happens in life, the future is still undefined. You are the one that holds the key to your destiny and that the rest is still unwritten.

I see. Second Question. So far, has life been harsh to you?

Erm… yes and no… Can’t say that’s life has been very harsh to me, compared to many other people around the world, I am much better off compared to them. But of course, there are some things I wished that had never happened to me.

May I know what are these events that you wish you could have avoided?

Self-owning? Ya… I do wish that I hadn’t said no to Gek Theng that time, but as I had recently heard, she didn’t have any feelings for me at all, present and before. So as much as I wished that I hadn’t come across the situation, it may just have been the best outcome.

Any special reason why you decided on an autobiography other then being inspired by Ryan Giggs?

My initial reason for writing an autobiography was that it was meant to be a farewell gift for “You Know Who”. However, I wasn’t able to complete it due to the time constraint. Nevertheless, I decided to complete it as a dedication to everyone that was once a part in my life, maybe to share my life experience.

Ok. Now what do you think will be the response from people once this book is released?

I highly doubt that my autobiography will be a hit, but even if it is, I know that while it’s possible to sell a book about a relatively unknown person, the book really has to be something special. Therefore I feel that my story is more important than the money.

Here’s the inevitable-as a Man Utd fan, who you think is the best replacement for Sir Alex when he retires?

Mark Hughes. I cannot see Roy Keane or Jose Mourinho taking over the legendary Sir Alex. Neither do I see Carlos Queiroz taking over the gaffer’s position. Mark Hughes, however had a proven track record in the Welsh national team and Blackburn. Furthermore, he learnt his trade under Sir Alex and will not tolerate unacceptable behavior from the players.

Will Man Utd ever win the treble again?

That really depends on their destiny. They are the ones that are holding the keys to their future. As much as I do want them to repeat the treble again, the competition from the big four is tremendous, not to mention the other elites like Real, Inter, Lyon in Europe. Nevertheless, I believe nothing is impossible and if they do their best, with determination and hard work, the treble could well be within reach.

What was the most surprising yet disturbing event that you can never forget?

That has to be the time I received a message from my classmate Jacqueline sometime last year. I received the message in the middle of the night. It talked about her being motivated and her plans in her studies and to succeed. I mean, it’s ok to like share your thoughts with a friend, but messaging a person, a guy, in the middle of the night with a message like that seems something out of the ordinary.

Who’s your favorite Hollywood actress?

Oh. That’s a hard one. There are so many gorgeous and talented actresses around. Jennifer love Hewitt, Katherine Heigl, Evangeline Lilly among so many others. But if I have to pick one, it will definitely have to be Jessica Alba.

Is there anyone you would like to give special thanks to?

Of course. There are so many people that I would like to thank, people such as Yvonne, Yanto and many many many other people that had played their part in helping me make this book possible. May GOD be with you.


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