Team Dynamo

Although I am not really athletic, I do enjoy a kickabout occasionally. Soccer’s my passion, although I may not be as good as my peers. As they say in the army, the rifle is your wife. For those in Team Dynamo, we may have damn well married the soccer ball! We may not have gone professional, but through Edwin’s contacts, we have played against some of the best teams around.

Team Dynamo was set up in 2005, by our ex-captain Redhwan. Most of us in Dynamo were mates from Fuhua, with my very own mates, Jun Wen, Yanto, Kok Leong and Edwin all plying their trade for Dynamo. We tried engaging a coach back in late – 2006, but unfortunately, due to budget and other concerns, the idea of having a coach was soon dismissed. As such, our former captain, Redhwan left the team, supposedly for greener pastures.

Edwin subsequently took over the captaincy after Redhwan’s departure. He did a great job in succeeding Redhwan, always making a point to play against more competitive teams. He initiated a new kit for us, a red Umbro top with white shorts in late 2007.

I wasn’t much involved in first team play under Redhwan, mostly playing as a bit-part player. However, under the new management of Edwin, I began to make my way up to the first team, mostly as a utility player, able to play anywhere in the back four or across the midfield.

We played a testimonial match against the Sec 5N (A) in Fuhua’s very own school field in commemoration for the graduating players in Dynamo. We had a depleted squad that day, as key players such as Jaryl and Wei Liang were unable to take part due to external commitments. This led to us recalling former captain Redhwan as a guest player for that match. It proved to be a bad decision. We were trailing 3-0 at half time, but with inspirational players like Javier and Edwin on our side, we never gave up. I started the move which led to Javier pulling one back for Team Dynamo. We kept up with our high tempo play, and it wasn’t long before we managed to bring the score back to 3-3. The Sec 5N (A) players made the score 4-3 minutes before the final whistle. And just when we thought all hopes were dashed, Edwin (who else?), managed to tap the ball past the keeper after good play by Si Thu. The match ended 4-4, and a penalty shootout was played. We lost 8-7. (Guess who missed?) Redhwan. Was it on purpose? I don’t know for sure. All I knew was that I put mine away and played my part for that eventful match. Redhwan was of course never called up again, even in the situation whereby we didn’t have enough players. Nowadays, we would call up trialists instead.

I scored my first goal for Dynamo in a match against NUFC Supporters Club Singapore. We lost that match 5-1, my goal proved only to be a consolation. But, the feeling of scoring a goal was something that one can never forget. I remember starting on a run, after I saw the ball past the goal line. Even though the goal was only to be a consolation; all my mates were there to congratulate me. Of course, Si Thu also received the same amount of congrats; he assisted me in that goal. In the four matches played after the one against NUFC Singapore, we won two against Team 69 and Kumz club, while we lost the other two against Kallang Roar in torrential rain and Las Hearutsusu with a squad without substitutes. It was a good post exam string of matches, and we were rewarded with a well-deserved training camp at NSRCC in which the squad relaxed with facilities like Jacuzzi, pool table, BBQ, and a bottle of wine! We brought that illegally, of course.


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