Boys Night Out

Nobody could accuse me of not punching my weight the day we completed the last paper of our “O’s”. 12 November 2007. How I’d loved that day. After toiling for months, the day finally arrived. I remember the shouts that echoed from the class next door when they were released. Mind you, there were still three minutes on the clock for us!!! Happy and excited as we would be, the fun was just beginning – Boys Night Out.

Just like listening to the final whistle of a dramatic cup tie, in which we were the winners, we rushed home right after the paper ended. All the activities we planned to do to the school were soon forgotten. Who’d give a damn to messing up the school when we could have a boys’ night out? We went home, threw our bags down, freshened up, styled our hair, sprayed some cologne and left home again. I was due to meet Edwin and Hiroki at Jurong East, as we had to go down to Queensway to place orders for our new Dynamo’s home kit. The rest were due to meet at City Hall. At Queensway, the three of us spent some time looking at the wide range of boots, clothing, soccer apparel and other stuff. We lost track of time and found ourselves fifty minutes late from meeting the rest at City Hall. The solution? Told them to meet us at Orchard Cineleisure, while the three of us took a cab down. Not many movies were screened that night, so plans for a movie date were quickly dismissed. We decided to go for dinner first. (We haven’t even had our lunch because of our “O’s” mind you!) Off to Pastamania, where I got some stick for ordering a prawn riso, which arrived without any prawns! Sham managed to order a beer, despite us being under-age, Yanto managed to get away in a non-halal restaurant despite being muslim, all thanks to a China waitress who didn’t know how to take orders. China. It was nine plus after meal, and Javier met up with us. Since plans for movies were crushed, and shops were closing up early as it was a weekday, we decided to move to Marina, where we hoped the pool centre was opened. It was, to our relief and we played pool, table soccer and arcade games for quite some time. It was a night of knockout; we were on a high and didn’t want to lose the moment. We had to end it at some point though, and at 1130 hours precisely, we ran from Marina Square back to City Hall to catch the last train home. Pity me! As I was the only one carrying a bag, all the stuff we bought earlier was in my bag! That gave me extra weight and I couldn’t catch up. Exaggerating? Not really. In my bag was an umbrella, water bottle, a pair of shin pads, a pair of socks, six sets of clothing, a bottle of hair dye and a box of condom, which obviously didn’t belong to me.

Anyway, Jun Wen was trying to take a video of us making that mad dash to the MRT station. Hey, that was kinda fun, if only I wasn’t clutching onto my bag! Just what was needed to end a boys’ night out. It was something dumb though, a group of boys running along the middle of the city. At least no one would give a fuck about us, we thought. But someone did though, we heard a middle-aged man calling out in a disapproving tone “Kids nowadays…”

Nevertheless, that night was definitely one to remember, I finally didn’t have to give excuses for staying out late, and I’ve just spent the most money in a single day of my life! Boys’ night out will be THE one night I’ll not forget in the near future.


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