Love At First Sight

Okay! I’m fifteen. Hormones are taking over me. I’ve had this crush on this girl who was taller than me, not to mention she was of a different race, in primary school. But mind you, at that age, I didn’t know anything about love or relationships. Neither did I even have the slightest idea about sex. That was crap.

But now, this was different. I’ve just got to know my new classmates after the streaming exercise in secondary two. I was streamed into a not so good, but also not so bad class. A huge factor caused by my incapability to achieve better results in Math. I do not blame Mrs. Tay though. At least, I had friends that followed me through. Kok Leong, Yanto, Chien Wei, three of my best mates joined me in 3D. Of course, some of my other mates like Sham and Hiroki joined me as well. At first, I thought this wouldn’t turn out so bad. I still had my mates around, didn’t I? Furthermore, our form teacher was Mr Chia Chun Teck, another no-nonsense teacher who enforced strict discipline and used various kinds of teaching methods to suit his students. But let’s not talk about him for now. So, I had thought life would not turn out too badly for me, but I knew the fact very well that I was never known to be someone who was sociable. I was a reserved kind of person, choosing to stick with those I know and know best. This could be seen from the fact that I had taken a long long time to settle into secondary school life, especially when my best mate, Joshua had parted ways with me. Even those that joined me in Fuhua were streamed into different classes, and they quickly made their own new set of friends. I was seriously lagging behind. Thus, I would normally find myself stuck with Chien Wei (He’s even more reserved than me), most of the time. Kok Leong, Yanto and most of my other mates quickly found themselves involved in relationships, falling into love’s web, which was a trap many people were willing to fall into.

So, for a moment, I was quite lonely, having Chien Wei as my only true confidant. Even then, we still weren’t really that close until further incidents in the future strengthened our bonds even more.

I wasn’t in need of girls. At that point in time, I wasn’t even thinking about a relationship. I didn’t really take notice of the girls in my class, not to mention we had a few beautiful ladies around. Atiqa, Yu Chun and Hui Ting, who eventually became our school’s prom queen 2007. Despite having these gorgeous ladies around, girls weren’t on my mind.

That was, until…


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