My Thoughts

This book is a dream come true. After reading “Giggs-The Autobiography” a few years back, I have always been inspired to write one of my very own. There have been many road blocks, my first attempt failed as quickly as it started, while my second failed because of the impending “O” levels. Now at my third try, I hope I can finish what I’ve started. But being realistic, I doubt this book will ever be published. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible. Third time lucky. The “O’s” are over, I do not plan to get a vacation job, so, here I am, with all my free time spent in entertaining you with this book. Hopes for this book are small, but my dreams for it are big. Will the book and I ever be as successful as Manchester United, The All Blacks, Roger Federer, or even tiny Wigan, who made it to the top flight for the first time in their history in the 05-06 premiership season? Kudos…

My friends have always teased me about my idea of an autobiography. They would go like “Hey, I thought autobiographies are written by people who are old, dying and wanting to leave a mark behind?”, “Dude, you’re just sixteen, and you’re clumsy, nerdy. Who’d wanna read your story?” Some of them obviously don’t know the difference between a biography, autobiography and a memoir. “So whose life story you’re writing about?” Call me nerdy? Go brush up on your English first la! (There has to be some Singlish in a Singaporean autobiography, wouldn’t it?)

Despite these setbacks, I now take you on the ride some would never want to get on-My Life So Far…


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