The Family

My dad, William, has worked for Singapore Airlines for thirty years and counting. People usually think my dad’s a pilot or a steward whenever I tell them he works for the national carrier. Unfortunately, he’s only an officer in the cargo department, handling accounts. It’s not that I’m not proud of him; he still manages to get free air tickets for the family every year! Anyway, he does lead quite a boring lifestyle. I heard he used to play badminton with his pals, but since my arrival, he stopped. Nowadays, he plays no sport, no games – nothing. He isn’t a bookworm either, and neither is he a couch potato. He’s just a plain, middle-aged guy awaiting retirement, his children’s marriages and to enjoy the rest of his life. He doesn’t like computer games like some of my friends’ parents. I once raced against him in a Need For Speed racing game on Playstation, and despite giving him a two and a half minute head start, I won! Guess that shows how much he is into sports and games! My dad also does not like football, or soccer, as the Americans would call it. He doesn’t stay up with me to watch my beloved Man Utd trash the Scousers 4-0. Oh what a spoiler.

My mum, on the other hand, sadly to say, is practically the same. She also does not hold a high ranking position at work. Neither does she play any sports or games of any kind. She never did anything “big” in life, just like my dad. Maybe that’s how they clicked! A woman of thoughts and words, my mum, she would blurt out anything that comes to her mind. And yes, this would, some way or another, mean coming to blows with one another. Hey! What were you thinking? Not physical blows, but verbally of course, mind you!

My granddad is a quiet and err… Never mind. He is just a quiet and Errgh!!! Okay, let me try this one more time, my granddad is a quiet and down to earth person. Yes down to earth. That’s it. He had lived to a ripe old age of 80, and I really hope he’d live to see me get married. Being with him really influenced me a lot. Without doubt, with both my parents working, my weekdays were usually spent with my granddad. He would take me to kindergarten and fetch me back hours later. He was the one that read me books when I was young, and this really brought about a great effect on me. It was because of this, that I acquired the habit of reading to date. My sister didn’t really have this privilege though, and that could have explained her English grades.

Now my grandmother. What can I say? She cooks the best home cooked food at home! Okay, no matter what, home cooked food has got to be the best. One can see how much she dotes on me. For example, sometimes, when she buys breakfast for the family, mine would have extra ingredients in it! Luckily my sister isn’t jealous!

My sister is five years younger than me. Yes, you can do the math again. 1991 + 5 =? Today’s date – ? Got it? Yep, that’s how old she is. A pain in the ass, I would say. She really is a nuisance sometimes. My friends who come over reckon that she is cute though. Dots… Nevertheless, please know I still love you Sis!

My aunt is another person I admire. A petite lady, she is definitely not any taller than me. She is more open minded than my parents, and maybe that’s why I felt it was easier to talk to her than to my parents when I was younger. Some trivia for you, she was the one that got me hooked on chawanmushi!

Finally, I come to my maid, Sue. At first, I welcomed the idea of having a domestic helper, thought it would lessen the household chores, and take care of my grandparents at the same time. But hell I was wrong. It’s not that she doesn’t work, neither is it that she is lazing around when chores are awaiting her, it is her sudden laughter and giggles when nothing funny is going on that scares the shit out of me. It kinda gets on the nerves as time passes, and I wonder, how can one sweep the entire floor of a two storey mansionette in like 10 minutes? No wonder my feet feels dusty right now. No offence…


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